Best Types of Firewood for the Fireplace

If a fireplace is inside the home, it’s essential that you have firewood to use for the fireplace. Many types of firewood can be used but the choice is important in the overall comfort, costs, and other factors that you encounter. Once you call the fireplace contractors brooklyn ny to install a fireplace, make sure you take the time to learn more about the different types of wood that can be used in your new addition.

All wood is basically the same, since the same chemicals are used inside to ensure that it burns properly. Moisture content and wood density are the qualities that differentiate one species of wood from the next. It’s the quality that makes certain wood species better than the next. You’ll be more satisfied when using the best wood species in your fireplace.  Oak, ash, and hickory are the most popular wood types. These woods burn for longer periods, product hot coals, and feature a low moisture content that reduces smoke, excessive tar buildup, and burns better.

Wood choices like spruce, popular, and pine are the best choices to use for your fireplace. The wood species burn faster than other species and provide an even burning time. The wood species also reduce the risks of overheating in the home. The wood choices work great not only in the fireplace but also work well in the grill, for bonfires, and more.

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No matter what wood species you choose to burn, make sure that it is dry and seasoned. Attempting to burn damp or wet wood is a difficult challenge. Make sure that you keep the wood off the ground to reduce risks of moisture. Make sure that the wood is also stacked nearly since an unorganized pile creates insufficient air supply that also creates moisture problems. Be sure that you also keep the wood in an area that receives sunlight that keeps the wood warm and dry.